Nut processing for third parties

We process our products on custom orders only, we do not keep stocks in our warehouses, which is why our products are always fresh and of the best quality. This also allows us to make nuts and dried fruits best suited to our customers’ taste following the customised orders made through Private Label.

Thanks to this approach, we are able to guarantee our product’s freshness and to fully satisfy our customers. Our nuts are carefully selected and processed by our artisans, in full respect of the best hygiene and food safety practices.

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Nuts and Dried Fruits Private Label

Make your own custom order in three simple steps:


Select the nuts you want


Select the processing method you prefer


Select the packaging and the size of your order

Customized packaging

The service we offer for third parties buying to resell our products includes a customized packaging service. Everything can be customised, from the type of package to the size.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a complete and flexible service which allows them to obtain high quality products with their own unique and distinctive flair. Our customers can choose the size of the packages according to their needs and market objectives.

– Is it possible to customize the package size?

Yes, it certainly is. You can choose among 10 different types of packaging the ones that better suit your needs. Moreover, if the offered sizes don’t meet your requirements, you can contact us for a customised solution.

We are certified

We follow a rigorous system of food safety and quality control, as well as having the ISO 22000 / IFS / Bio certifications.

Quality and business processes

Our production process has 6 dedicated lines which include:


  • Our supply of nuts and dried fruits comes from reliable and carefully selected sources; that is how we are able to guarantee optimal quality and adequate conservation while respecting seasonality.


We roast and process the nuts only after receiving an order, so we can guarantee the freshness of our products, which retains its authentic flavour and nutritional properties to the fullest.


Our customised nut offer also includes various packaging options in order to satisfy our customers’ needs. The packages go from the smallest size of 100gr, to 25 kg, big bags and pallets.


We are committed to always finding the best shipping solution based on the quantity of products to be shipped, the volume of the order, the packaging, the destination and other specific requirements, all in agreement with the client.

Selezionatrice ottica frutta secca

Industry 4.0

Optical sorters are the latest technology in our field: they allow us to see beyond what is visible to the naked eye, therefore guaranteeing the quality of the product through thorough screening. Optical sorters are highly sophisticated machines that use cameras, sensors and mirrors to analyse every single nut that passes through them; they inspect the form and colour of the nuts and sort out any product not up to the standards. Thanks to this new technology, we are able to guarantee an even higher quality for our products while increasing production and processing speed, and reducing wastage.

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